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How To Conquer The Holidays With Confidence

The holiday season is a great time to enjoy family, friends and delicious food! Our favorite dishes are everywhere during the holidays which can make it tough to stick to healthy eating patterns and physical activity. With some planning, however, it is possible to make it through the holidays without losing track of healthy habits.…

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WORKOUT: Staying Active While Traveling

Traveling this summer? Don’t lose the progress you’ve made just because you are not near your  usual workout facility. Here’s a few ideas of some quick workouts to help you maintain what you’ve worked so hard for. At the Beach? 1. Walking Lunges: 15 Each leg2. Sumo Jump Squats: 153. Push-ups:154. Plank w/ Alternating Oblique…

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5 Tips To Stay Healthy While Enjoying Halloween

I love candy as much as the next person, but I don’t love how it makes me feel if I eat too much. I also know what a slippery slope eating candy can be, increasing sugar cravings, taking the place of healthy foods your body needs and contributing to eating too many calories. So, instead…

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5 Tips To Staying Healthy While Traveling

Traveling can be stressful when you are trying to eat healthy and exercise, but with a little planning, it can be a relaxing and fun experience that can improve your health! Here are my top 5 goals for traveling: 1. Exercise every morning-you can do a tabata workout or something in your hotel room (see…

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WORKOUT: 12 Days Of Fitness

For those of you that are busy this time of year or just want a fun workout that is different, here is what I did with my HIIT class this morning! It should only take you about 10-12 minutes to do the workout-be sure to warm up all of your muscles for 5-10 minutes before…

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