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Online Exercise Services

Are you looking for the structure of a programmed class that you can follow with the flexibility of doing the class anytime and anywhere? With our training app, you can access our online programming on your own terms and find the consistency you are wanting without having to come up with your own workouts. All of our online memberships include our open gym times so you can get more out of your workouts!

Online Performance Program: $50/month

If you are looking to meet all of your fitness needs in one efficient app, this is for you! Our online performance membership includes 3 full body workouts a week with two different options to meet the recommended activity guidelines for Americans. Our full body strength classes have a “sets and reps” format to go at your own pace. Our Full Body Interval classes have a timed format to keep you going at a faster pace. We also have planned general cardio you can complete and advanced interval training for those looking for a challenging cardio option. We round out the cardio and strength programming with planned mobility and flexibility workouts.

  • Full body strength workouts
  • 150 min scheduled cardio/week
  • Advanced cardio intervals
  • Core workouts
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • On Demand workouts
  • Access to open gym times to workout in our facility

Download our virtual training app and get your first classes for free!

Online Strength Program : $100/month

If you want to focus more on strength development, our online strength membership is for you! This includes 5 workouts a week, with an upper/lower body split format. This program is 12 weeks of progressive strength training with phases including endurance, hypertrophy, and strength development, balancing strength moves with mobility training, stability and core work.

  • Upper/Lower split
  • 12 week progressive strength program with endurance, strength, power, hypertrophy, mobility, core and some cardio
  • Deload weeks between cycles
  • Access to open gym times to workout in our facility

Online Personal Training: $175/month

If you are interested in more personalized programming for online training, we can design a training program to reach your goals with your equipment. We offer both personalized online programming through the app and virtual personal training sessions through zoom.

  • Personalized workouts using equipment you have available at home or in a gym
  • Access to open gym times to workout in our facility

Online Running Coaching: $75/month

Are you wanting to run your first race or go for that PR you have been chasing? Hiring a certified running coach can help you get there safely and efficiently! Our online running coaching includes our AYB training app where you can message your coach and see your running plan with miles, pace, effort, or heart rate, speed work and recovery days. Online coaching pairs really well with VO2 max testing, which is the ultimate in reaching your potential!

  • Personalized online running program built for you
  • Accountability
  • Support and encouragement from your coach
  • Adjustments to your program as needed
  • Take your running to the next level, wherever you are!

Online Comprehensive Running Program: $125/month

This option is for the runner who also wants to have online full-body strength programming, cardio interval cross training, mobility, flexibility, and core workouts to help you become a more well-rounded runner.

  • Personalized Running Coaching above, plus:
  • Online options for cross-training workouts
  • Flexibility training
  • Mobility workouts
  • Open gym access
  • A meal plan with recipes
  • Core training

All AYB Nutrition Services and Packages can be done virtually!

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