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75 Hard: What The Experts of Have to Say

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In today’s post we will discuss 75 hard and the Live Hard program. Today’s discussion is for anyone who has ever thought of taking on the 75 hard program, has attempted any of the phases, or is currently living hard.

What is 75 hard? 

75 hard and the Live Hard program were established in 2019 by Andy Frisella, an entrepreneur, best selling author, and public speaker. One interesting fact about Andy that may resonate with many of the Springfield listeners is that Andy is also the founder of the multimillion dollar company Supplement Superstores (S2) which he first established here in Springfield, Missouri in 1999. Now, there are 27 Supplement Superstores spread across Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. 

Alright, that’s enough of the fun facts, so, what does 75 hard consist of?

75 hard is not a fitness challenge. It is a program that has been created to develop mental toughness. This program has been completed by 10’s of thousands of individuals since its inception in 2019. It has gained lots of attention the past few years and as a personal trainer and registered dietitian I have a lot of clients, friends, and family asking me questions about the 75 hard program.

I, Anthony (dietitian), personally have never attempted 75 hard, but have clients and friends that have either thought of pursuing the challenge or have successfully completed it.


Question 1 : What experiences have you had with 75 hard?

Now let’s get into the details of what 75 hard consists of …

First, I’d like to acknowledge that once you have started and are committed to 75 hard, there is zero deviation and zero compromise of its rules. The program allows for no tweaks or tailoring of the program in any way due to the assumption that life is hard and through the practice of developing discipline and consistency to oneself one can establish a hard mentality to have success in whatever life throws their way. This program is marked as a tool to establish mental fortitude, to develop the skill to make you successful in whatever you decide to do in life. 

75 hard is meant to be a transformative mental toughness plan lasting 75 days which includes 5 critical tasks that must be accomplished daily. If you are to miss a single task on any day of the program (whether that’s Day 1 or Day 75) … you must restart 75 HARD from Day one. Like I mentioned earlier the program is intended to be completed with zero deviations, skipping, or substitutions.

The five critical tasks of 75 hard include…


Task 1:

Choose a diet and commit to it. This includes no cheat meals and no alcohol. Andy does encourage getting help from professionals if needed.

Task 2:

Drink one gallon of water daily.

Task 3:

Perform two 45 min workouts daily (one being outside). Andy also encourages hiring a trainer if needed for this task as well. 

Task 4:

Read 10 pages of a non-fiction book daily. This task has the intention of routinely pursuing lifelong learning.

Task 5:

Take a progress picture daily. The intention of this task is to not only assess physical progress but also to take appreciation towards the commitment of details within the 75 hard program. 

Andy does acknowledge the disclaimer to consult your physician or any other healthcare professionals before starting 75 hard to determine if it is right for you.

These 5 tasks are part of 75 hard and establish the foundation for the Live Hard program. Once the 75 days have been completed there are three more phases that make up the Live Hard program. 


Phase 1 

Phase 2


Phase 3


Each phase lasts 30 days and includes the 5 critical tasks completed during 75 Hard in addition to new tasks associated with each phase. Some of the tasks included are a daily cold shower, visualization, and random acts of kindness. However, to save time in today’s episode we will not go too much into detail of the Live Hard program.

I do want to remind you all and highlight one last thing, and that is, the purpose of 75 Hard and the Live Hard program is to continue developing yourself and your mental toughness. This is not a fitness challenge or fad intended to promote healthy living. 


Scope of Practice:

Registered Dietitians are highly specialized, trained, and educated, nutrition professionals that are qualified to provide nutrition education, nutrition counseling, and establish nutrition strategies to maintain healthy eating habits based on medical and general health needs. Dietitians recognize their own area of expertise and will refer clients to other healthcare professionals when appropriate.

Certified Personal Trainers are health and fitness professionals who use an individualized approach, assess, motivate, educate, and train clients regarding their health and fitness needs. They design safe and effective exercise programs, provide guidance to help clients achieve their personal health goals, and respond appropriately in emergency situations. Personal trainers also recognize their own area of expertise and refer clients to other healthcare professionals when appropriate.

I think it is important for all of us to know the scope of practice of registered dietitians and certified personal trainers so that we can receive the best possible care and prevent harm from occurring. 


Key Takeaways:

75 Hard and the Live Hard program were established for the purpose of helping others develop mental toughness and self mastery for the challenges of life. While this may be beneficial for those needing to refine characteristics of mental discipline and consistency it is not the most beneficial for one’s personal well being and longevity. In many aspects it does not encourage living a robust life. 


If you are thinking about or currently pursuing 75 hard or the Live Hard program we would be happy to assist you. All of our Registered Dietitians and Certified Trainers at AYB will meet you where you are and provide you with expert guidance to make healthy sustainable lifestyle changes.