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Metabolic Testing

We offer state of the art metabolic testing so you can reach your goals more efficiently at AYB! Learn what your specific body needs in terms of nutrition and fueling to get results. See how fit your heart is and learn how to incorporate heart rate training into your routine to enhance training and avoid overtraining.

Resting Metabolic Rate Test: $100

If you are someone who has yo-yo dieted, has had trouble losing weight, has experienced low energy, is very active or an athlete, or is interested in knowing more about your energy needs, then RMR testing is for you! This is a breathing test that determines the number of calories your body needs to function while at rest. The RMR test takes the guesswork out of your fueling needs, so you can get more efficient results!

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

  • Tells you how many calories your body actually burns in a day and what type of fuel your body uses when fasted (carbs or fat)
  • 30-minute breathing test done first thing in the morning, fasted for at least 12 hours without exercise or caffeine
  • Detailed, personalized handouts

VO2 Max Test: $150

VO2 Max is reached when the amount of oxygen you breathe in remains at a steady level despite an increase in the work. A VO2 Max test is used to establish your baseline fitness level before the start of a training program and can be used to track progress throughout your fitness journey. This test is done on a treadmill while wearing a mask to capture your oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and a heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate.

VO2 Max Testing

  • Measure of your cardiovascular fitness
  • Tells you your personalized training heart rate zones and calories burned in each zone
  • Improve your sports performance with targeted training
  • Breathing test done on a treadmill
  • Detailed, personalized handout

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