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5 Tips To Staying Healthy While Traveling

Traveling can be stressful when you are trying to eat healthy and exercise, but with a little planning, it can be a relaxing and fun experience that can improve your health!

Here are my top 5 goals for traveling:

1. Exercise every morning-you can do a tabata workout or something in your hotel room (see workout below). You can also go for a walk, take a class if they have a fitness center or lift weights. This is your chance to do something different than your usual routine, which is great for your body!

Here is a great hotel room workout:

Set a timer for 1 minute intervals and do 15 exercises-you can do 1 or 2 rounds:

  • squats
  • bicycle crunches
  • pushups
  • jumping jacks
  • plank
  • high knees (run in place with high knees)
  • tricep pushups
  • alternating lunges
  • mountain climbers
  • crunches with feet up
  • plie squat
  • shoulder press (get into downward dog and drop your head down to to near the ground as you bend your elbows and then push back up to downward dog-this really works your shoulders)
  • jump squats
  • side plank left 30 sec, right 30 sec
  • burpees

2. The main goal for nutrition is don’t overeat-you can choose some fun things that you usually don’t eat, enjoy every bite, eat slowly, chew thoroughly and stop before you think you should-just when you are satisfied, not full. Small, flavorful desserts are great-share with someone or just have 1-2 bites.

3. Focus mainly on healthy, fresh food-fruits and veggies, and proteins. Making sure you get a fruit and/or veggie with all of your meals will help you not overeat other foods.

4. Bring some healthy snacks-nuts and fruit are great and portable. You can find a store when you get there to buy some healthy snacks and water.

5. Drink plenty of water-traveling often dehydrates you, so be sure you are drinking water throughout the day.

Have fun and don’t stress about being healthy-this should be your lifestyle, so you are not “on” or “off” a diet or plan. If you stick with your healthy lifestyle, you will feel better each day of your vacation, skip the guilt, and come back renewed and refreshed!