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How Can I Determine If My Trainer Is The Right Fit?

There are so many options when it comes to the fitness industry. So many different types of gyms, centers, facilities, and trainers. Maybe you’re on the hunt for the best place to workout or a good personal trainer, and you’re wondering for what you should be looking. Here are a few tips about the key…

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WORKOUT: Staying Active While Traveling

Traveling this summer? Don’t lose the progress you’ve made just because you are not near your  usual workout facility. Here’s a few ideas of some quick workouts to help you maintain what you’ve worked so hard for. At the Beach? 1. Walking Lunges: 15 Each leg2. Sumo Jump Squats: 153. Push-ups:154. Plank w/ Alternating Oblique…

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Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Lift Heavy – Part 3

Part 3: Misconceptions: Hormones & Training Models To wrap up the series on women and lifting, (you can read the first post here and the second here) I wanted to briefly touch on one of the most common misconceptions we females tend to have; lifting makes us bulky, too muscular, and manly. This is far from…

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The Power Of A Disciplined Mind

“MOTIVATION IS FLEETING, DISCIPLINE IS LASTING” I watched this YouTube video interview recently by Tom Bileu and Mel Robbins below about how motivation is garbage. I agree with her impact theory that explains how there is a short five second window where we need to act before our brain comes up with all the excuses…

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Taking Charge Of Your Fitness Routine With Stretching & Balance Exercises

The four main components of fitness training are cardio, strength, stretching, and balance. Of those, the latter two are often overlooked. Cardio and strength training are obviously very important for developing a strong and healthy body. However, overdoing those and skimping on stretching and balance can lead to muscle tightness, imbalance and asymmetry, eventually leading…

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