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The Power Of A Disciplined Mind


I watched this YouTube video interview recently by Tom Bileu and Mel Robbins below about how motivation is garbage. I agree with her impact theory that explains how there is a short five second window where we need to act before our brain comes up with all the excuses to not take action which keeps us from achieving our best.

This is especially true with fitness and the everyday struggle to do what is necessary in order for us to meet our long term wellness goals. We all make excuses to not workout or eat clean because life happens and we are tired from the daily struggles that life throws at us. It is the discipline to decide to act when the mind and body is tired that determines if we will be successful long term.

I have experienced this struggle recently being a foster parent to two boys under the age of two. It is easy to skip out on my health and fitness routine when I’m tired from being up with kids all hours of the night. The impact theory has really been beneficial to me during this time. I have made the decision to make my health a major priority and being disciplined to take action when I’m feeling down. It has been a blessing being around AYB trainers, dietitians, and chiropractor who encourage and support. We have a positive community at AYB that really picks me up helping me to continue to move the dial forward in my own personal fitness and wellness goals. We all want each other and our clients to be their best.

I encourage anyone who is reading this article to follow the impact theory and to not take the time to stop and make excuses that keep you from achieving your best. AYB makes it easy for you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. The trainers assess and create programs and classes designed to help you be successful. All you have to do is show up. The dietitians educate and help you eat foods that provide you with energy you need to function and perform at a high level. Chiropractor, Dr. Marshall Reed is also available at AYB to keep your muscles in balance so you don’t have to be in pain during or after exercise.

Matt Jones