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How Can I Determine My Baseline Of Fitness & Create Goals From That?

What does it mean to be well?

That’s a tricky question, and certainly the question in the healthy living world. Health and wellness is rooted in individual perspective. Its definition differs from person to person, gym to gym, and athlete to athlete. At Achieving Your Best we seek to create an inclusive understanding of health and wellness. Our services include: Dietitian/Nutritional guidance, Chiropractic care, Reformer Pilates, Massage Therapy, and a Training Center that incorporates all dynamics of a fit and active lifestyle.

How will our team help you become a healthier version of you?

Because we administer a team directed approach to a healthy lifestyle, client’s and members are afforded the opportunity to tackle all their health needs under one roof. In our Training Center we offer a multi-dimensional approach to your exercise needs. At AYB, trainers will help you to become stronger, more conditioned, mobile, flexible, and athletic. These aspects of a complete and healthy body influence your weight, body composition, and overall quality of function, as well as your daily comfort levels.

Why Assess?

At AYB we want to be certain progress is the driving force of members, as well as our team. We assess client ability levels to help people visualize their own progress, as well as to hold ourselves accountable for ensuring we are doing what we can, for your benefit.

The assessment administered helps to better understand client strength, agility, endurance, and mobility.

Strength Components: These movements help to highlight strength and balance.

Vertical Press- Barbell Shoulder Press
Vertical Pull- Lat Pulldown/Pull Ups
Horizontal Press- Barbell Bench Press
Leg Drive and Power- Vertical Jump and Broad Jump

Agility Components: These drills help to identify quickness and explosiveness.

30 Foot Shuttle Run

40 Yard Dash

Endurance: The pacer test expresses cardiovascular strength and endurance.

20 Meter Pacer Test

Mobility: A flexible and mobile body prevents injury and builds a better foundation for the body to

Sit and Reach

What’s “good” for individual components assessed, and how do you compare?

Firstly, the goal of this assessment is to demonstrate progress. A “good” assessment is the one you improve upon the next time assessments are conducted. The system our facility has adopted gives client’s an optimal environment to consistently make progress, and do so safely.

We also want to cultivate an environment where ‘you’ are your only comparison. Individual progress and personal control is a matter of choice. Personal development in a training system is to improve upon the foundation previously set, not comparing to other people. Any program that requires skill, predetermined weight/repetition/and time frame of completion isn’t solely exercise, it is a event. Many people respond to competitive types of programming, but it not our driving force or goal to have client’s compete against one another. The goals listed below are general. These goals are realistic, as well as strong indicators of a healthy and athletic body.’

Our Goals:

Shoulder Press, Pulldown/Pull Ups, and Bench Press
It is our hope that we see linear and progressive improvement in weight and repetition. Not only do we want to see an increase in these components, we also want to see that the movements and ranges are being completed as efficiently as possible.
Shoulder Press: 50% of your bodyweight for 10-15 repetitions is a great goal to set.
Pulldown/Pull Ups: 75% of your bodyweight for 10-15 repetitions is a a strong base to aid in pull up development.
Bench Press: 75% of your bodyweight for 10-15 repetitions.
Vertical Jumps: Jumping 25% of your height, in inches.
Broad Jump: Jumping 100% of your height.

Matt Jones