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6 Tips To Stay On Top Of Your Nutrition During Busy Times

Whew, the end of the school year is busy! Being busy is the number one pitfall I see when working with clients who are trying to be healthy. I am right there with you-busy parent, spouse, working in and out of the home, business owner, exerciser, health nut, and volunteer. These are all things that empower me and make my life enjoyable (and a little crazy at times!). What they are NOT are excuses to let myself make unhealthy choices and not take care of myself. Don’t let your schedule take over your life! Take a step back and make sure you are spending the time to make sure you are healthy and happy. Make yourself and your health a priority-if you don’t, no one else will!

Plan ahead and bring healthy snacks and meals with you. Fruits and veggies, lean protein, nuts and whole grains are very portable and will help you feel great!

Here are some tips:

1. Instead of a bar, bring a fresh piece of fruit and some nuts for a snack.

2. Pack a sandwich or wrap instead of stopping at fast food. A whole wheat pita or tortilla (Stacey’s Organic Whole Wheat are yummy and healthy!) stuffed with lean protein, veggies, hummus, avocado and a side of fruit or veggies is perfect for on the go meals.

3. If you do stop at a restaurant, pick something healthy. Most places have good choices-you just have to make them (lets face it, eating out is no longer a “special occasion”, so don’t feel entitled to eat unhealthy just because you are eating out)!

4. Listen to your hunger with a goal of not overeating. This is very empowering-be proud of yourself if you eat a small amount and finish feeling satisfied, but not full.

5. Instead of focusing on splurging on something unhealthy, enjoy not having to cook or do dishes.

6. Pick a salad with healthy ingredients and salmon or go to a grocery store salad bar and fill up on veggies, fruit and pick the eggs and beans for the best protein sources on the salad bar (deli meats and imitation crab have lots of added sugar and salt).

It is easy to not think about it, and to eat unhealthy foods in the name of being to “busy”, but you need to make yourself and your family a priority and put some time into being healthy! It is not too hard and you can feel better -you may not even know how bad you feel until you make some changes!

-Cassie Dimmick, MS, RD, CSSD