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Body Image: How Do We Know if it’s Healthy?

Body image: everyone has one, but how do we know if it’s healthy? I think most people can relate when we say that everyone has had a negative body image at one time or another. Even the world’s most beautiful person likely has something they don’t like about themselves. Practice positive self talk. If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself. This takes practice, mindfulness, and confidence- it’s not easy at first. After you have a negative thought about yourself, allow yourself to assess, “Is this thought productive to my life or goal? Does this thought have power over me or change me in any way?” If the thought is not productive, LET IT GO. Your self worth is MORE than your physical body. Your self worth is made up of your work ethic, your relationships with others, your soul and intentions.


Thankfully, we have seen a cultural shift toward appreciating diversity in beauty. In advertising, social media, and television, current beauty standards have been molded to reflect the beauty in different body shapes, skin tones,age groups, etc. No longer is there a single standard of beauty. Throughout different cultures and time periods the standards of beauty have changed. If you’re interested in the evolution of beauty through the ages, try the book Butts by Heather Radke.


Focus on feelings, rather than outward physical attributes about yourself (and others). Instead of thinking “I shouldn’t wear this because it’s not right for my physique/my height/my skin tone/etc.” focus on how you or someone else feels in that outfit. Do they feel free, comfortable, confident? Or do they feel self-conscious, self-doubt, self-critical? When commenting on your child’s or your friend’s outfit (or yourself) focus on feelings rather than the actual appearance.


Improve and strengthen your interactions with others. No comparison, only compassion. Let’s make it a golden rule, people: Do not comment (or give compliments) on other humans’ physical appearance. Never. Ever. Why? You never know what’s going on behind the scenes as to why their physical appearance is a certain way. Maybe their weight loss is due to dress or illness, maybe their weight gain is due to an eating disorder, maybe they are self-conscious about that specific thing you are complimenting. Here is a list of compliments that you can use that have nothing to do with bodies:


  1. I admire your passion and drive
  2. You’re a great listener
  3. It’s been amazing to watch you grow
  4. I feel so comfortable around you
  5. Your confidence inspires me
  6. You are kind and full of grace
  7. You are strong and resilient
  8. I love that I can be myself around you
  9. You light up every room you enter
  10. I have learned a lot from you
  11. You are so positive
  12. I love how you give me different perspectives
  13. You have the best energy
  14. You make me feel seen, heard and valued

Work toward self-love, and showing love and acceptance towards others. Listen to this episode of our podcast to learn more! Click the link: