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How AYB Helps You Achieve Your Best!

Achieving Your Best strives to provide a creative system of training that incorporates all modalities of exercise. The AYB Performance system covers aesthetics, stamina, power, speed, agility, balance, stability, and muscular endurance. To accomplish our client’s goals, we cycle a system of strength and conditioning to ensure a well rounded regimen.

All of our performance workouts incorporate strength and conditioning exercises . To ensure balance and avoid overworking muscle groups, we cycle primary and secondary strength and conditioning days each week. Primary strength days are aesthetics, power, and endurance based. Secondary strength days are dynamic and include balance/stability, speed/ agility, and stamina.

To maximize benefits, we pair complementing types of exercises each week. Aesthetics is paired with Stamina, Muscular Endurance is paired with Balance/Stability and Power is paired with and Speed/Agility. These workouts utilize compounding and isolating movements to ensure complete strength. We also address the minor areas of the body through functional movement.

This system teaches the body to be more fluid and powerful in all aspects of movement. At AYB you will find lots of different types of workouts to avoid burnout and to continue forward progress. Each workout is different, each workout is executed specific to the modality of the day, and each workout compliments the ability of AYB clients to be healthy, active, and well long term.

The AYB Performance system is a creative and innovative solution that can safely and effectively improve your running, swimming, jumping, explosiveness, and conditioning. This system can help you feel better, look better, and move efficiently. Be sure to keep an eye out for the added nutritional components from our Registered Dietitian team to enhance your performance. The nutritional system is included in AYB membership, and is the final piece to the AYB puzzle to help you Achieve Your Best!

Matt Jones