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Jimmie Strong


Jimmie is 31 years old and has been a personal trainer since getting certified with NASM 6 years ago. He works with all ages, focusing on specific movements and all-around ability to help individuals achieve their goals. One thing Jimmie has learned over time is the power of smiling at yourself and creating goals you continue to accomplish and strive for. We all can’t be on the cover of a fitness magazine, but Jimmie can guarantee with your effort and getting pushed from him, he will help mold you into a better you! The way we treat our bodies today is how it will take care of us tomorrow. Success starts deep down in your gut, slowly grows, and comes to the surface with hard work and dedication. One of the most important things in your lifetime is having “self-love” and creating overall wellness that leads to you performing your daily activities at high standards. Let’s take steps together to achieve your goals, but most importantly create a better lifestyle!

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