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Dre Simpson


Dre first fell in love with fitness when he found out they were expecting their second child, a little girl. He started to eat better, had a personal trainer, and was doing group workouts on a regular basis. During those workouts, hearing the motivation in the room and seeing other’s results made him want to change his career path and become a personal trainer. He became a certified personal Trainer in 2014 and has been helping people get fit ever since.

Growing up as an athlete, there was a lot he did not have access to when it came to fitness and training. When you're passionate about a sport, you want to be and do your best at all times and without agility, strength, and conditioning it is impossible to perform at a high level. Seeing his son at a grade school level be able to perform better than some high school students gives him all the motivation he needs to continue helping youth athletes get better and stronger. If you want to perform in a sport, you have to push your body in practice and train your mind and body to perform! AYB has an amazing facility and access to what athletes need today, and Dre is excited to be a part of the team!