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WORKOUT: Staying Active While Traveling

Traveling this summer? Don’t lose the progress you’ve made just because you are not near your  usual workout facility. Here’s a few ideas of some quick workouts to help you maintain what you’ve worked so hard for. At the Beach? 1. Walking Lunges: 15 Each leg2. Sumo Jump Squats: 153. Push-ups:154. Plank w/ Alternating Oblique…

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The Power Of A Disciplined Mind

“MOTIVATION IS FLEETING, DISCIPLINE IS LASTING” I watched this YouTube video interview recently by Tom Bileu and Mel Robbins below about how motivation is garbage. I agree with her impact theory that explains how there is a short five second window where we need to act before our brain comes up with all the excuses…

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Why The Scale Is Sabotaging Your Success

As a nutrition and exercise professional, I talk to people about their bodies pretty much every day. Weight loss is one of the most common reason people come work with us, so naturally, the scale is always a dominant feature when tracking progress. I see all too often that people are focused on getting that…

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