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Pilates in Springfield, MO

Are you wanting to improve your balance, strength and flexibility?

Pilates is a wonderful cross training tool for everyone. Pilates equipment allows your workout to be very low impact while strengthening and lengthening your muscles. Our certified Pilates instructors will guide you through your workout and help you progress so you can reach your goals.

At AYB our instructors have been trained and certified in a method of Pilates called STOTT.  It is one of the most extensive training and certification programs in Pilates. This is good news for our clients because our Pilates teaching backgrounds all come from the same program.

People often ask what kind of workout someone should expect with Pilates. Our answer is it depends on your needs, athletic ability, injuries or desire for workouts.

Pilates was designed to add flexibility and mobility to large and small muscles without adding bulk, and nearly every exercise utilizes the core and works all layers of abdominal muscles. One of our favorite ways to teach is what we refer to as “athletic Pilates.” In a class, we work at a faster pace, often using the Jump Board to increase heart rate and challenge each movement while still maintaining proper form and technique. It’s also a great mind/body connection that changes the shape and flexibility of muscles.

Athletes are generally strong through their larger muscle groups and weaker through their smaller, stabilizing muscles. Often, an athlete will try Pilates and find they are sore the next day in muscles that have not been sore before. That is Pilates at work!

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