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Fear of the Food Diary

I have to admit, even immersing myself daily in the support of a nutritionist’s work did not help with the fear of food diaries. I admired client after client that agreed to allow the nutritionist to analyze their every meal. How could I handle the embarrassment of writing down I ate those M&Ms for breakfast? I knew I shouldn’t have that, did I really need another person to tell me?

What I have since learned is that the fear of the food diary is a catalyst for change. If you aren’t comfortable with a nutritionist analyzing what you are eating, ok. However, you do need to force yourself to analyze it. If you have hit a plateau on your quest for health, consider starting one. You can choose a digital app or an old school notebook. Write down what you eat. There are so many benefits.

Here are a few as outlined by Fitday Editor on

1) The food diary will show you what you eat. You would be amazed at how often you take a nibble here or grab a handful there. It adds up. Write down everything.
2) The food diary can help you plan out meals. When you start analyzing where you are having difficulty, you can better plan your food choices around that meal or time of day.
3) The food diary can help you lose weight. It can help you keep it off too. Some of the apps help you track your macros and see how many fats, proteins and carbs you are eating in addition to calories.
4) Your food diary will show you what you need to eat. You can look back over your week and see where you need to improve. You know it’s those fruits and veggies but seeing it in black and white is a motivator!
5) The food diary will keep you on track. You may have a bad day. We all do. Stop the shaming and review your overall week. You will see that the one bad day does not discount the hard work you did the other six days. Use it to give yourself encouragement and credit where due.

I took the plunge and did the diary myself. It has been instrumental in helping me maintain my weight. When I’m ready to lose the next ten, I will do it with the help of the diary. I may even let my boss review my choices!

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