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AYB Kindness

Have you ever read a book that made a big impact on you?  If you know me, you have probably heard me talk about the book Love Does by Bob Goff. It’s way up there on my list of favorite reads, but the reason I love it is that it inspires me. It inspires me to try to be a better human being by putting words into action. If you get a chance, add it to your reading list!

One of my favorite chapters is entitled “Lose the Capes.”  Remember the movie The Incredibles?  The superhero dad was trying to design a new superhero suit and kept adding a cape to his drawings. Edna, the finicky lady that was going to make the suit, kept telling him to lose the cape. She showed videos of cape fiascos gone wrong and said that a cape always ended up causing big problems. It’s an awesome analogy to life. Just do kind things, good things, lots of them and tell no one. Be secretly incredible.

Kindness by definition is this… the decision to reach out to another human being with love, just because it’s a good way to live. Simple statement, big reward! Just seeing love and kindness around us is uplifting and restorative. It gives a reminder that pure goodness is alive and well in this world.

Why am I blogging about this you might ask? Well, it occurred to me that I am daily surrounded at AYB by clients and coaches who share this mindset to do awesome things for others.

What if, for one month, we, the AYB community, took time to do deliberate and courageous acts of kindness for others, to be secretly incredible, and to have that ripple effect take hold and spread all kinds of joy, happiness and love?  Committing to kindness pushes us from intention to action. Action produces legacies. Legacies are repeated.

These acts of kindness don’t have to be super thought out or difficult. They can be something as simple as offering a seat, giving a compliment, opening doors, letting someone jump in line, playing with kids, following the Golden Rule, leaving encouraging sticky notes, giving small gift cards, leaving a bigger tip at a restaurant with a kind note, grabbing a neighbor’s trash can, or smiling at someone who looks like they may have had a rough day. These are not age-restrictive and hopefully entire families can join together on these acts of kindness. Good stuff, simple stuff, big ripple.

Developing kindness can be compared to training a muscle. The more we exercise this idea, the stronger it becomes. So, this month, go for it! Inspire. Be the catalyst. Multiply happiness and when you get the chance, lose the cape and be secretly incredible.

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