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Sara Kostelnick

Dietitian, Trainer


Sara is a Registered Dietitian and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. She graduated with her Bachelor's in Dietetics from Missouri State University in 2019. Sara completed her dietetic internship in Dallas, Texas with Abilene Christian University in 2020. She is currently finishing up her Masters in Sports Nutrition through the University of Central Missouri. She plans to eventually continue to further her knowledge and work towards becoming a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

Sara chose to enter the field of nutrition and fitness because of her innate interest in the human body and how the food we eat plays such a critical role in how our bodies perform and feel. She truly loves going to work at AYB every day. As a private practice dietitian and trainer, she gets to see people who have selected her out of a sea of other professionals. Sara takes that selection very seriously. They are there to place their trust in Sara to help them become happier and healthier. Every client appointment she has reminds her how grateful she is to be in the profession she is. AYB allows Sara to provide a welcoming and evidence-based platform for all who walk through its doors. Sara feels lucky to be part of THE best nutrition and training center ever!