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A New Tool to Motivate to Exercise

Some days it just isn’t easy. Some weeks it isn’t easy. Getting in to a routine of healthy eating and exercise is a simple fix to improve your health, give you more energy, and help you reach your goals, but isn’t easy! The ones that do it motivate themselves daily to make it happen.

How? They have found tools that keep them on track, celebrate their success and keep them going past that initial first step. Some of the following may work for you:

1. Set measurable goals. Do you want to eat more vegetables daily or work out three times a week?
2. Write your goals down in a notebook or in your phone. Get six week body compositions with a dietitian. A great way to look back and see how far you have come.
3. Celebrate success with something you enjoy - just don’t sabotage what you have worked so hard to do!
4. Search out inspiration from those you know and those you may find through inspirational youtube videos or books.
5. Focus on all the benefits. For example, vegetables do so much more for your health than just help you lose weight.
6. Work out with a friend or trainer. Knowing that someone else is expecting you to work out too can be a powerful incentive!
7. Get an RMR to tailor your nutrition and exercise plan to what your body needs.

At Achieving Your Best we have a new tool called the RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate Test. This test calculates how many calories you burn while at rest. It answers the question once and for all if you have a slow or normal metabolism. Why do you need this? This information gives important clues to your dietitian or personal trainer on what types of workouts and nutrition plan that would most benefit YOUR metabolism.

In fact, your dietitian can look at this test and know what you need from your workouts and food to see better, faster results. What could be better than that!? The RMR test measures your metabolism while breathing into a machine while resting. There may be a little bit of discomfort with the nose plug and getting used to breathing in to the machine, but our support staff will guide you through the process and ensure your maximum comfort. Schedule your appointment at AYB now and get motivated to tackle those exercise goals!

Jennifer Loyd

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