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Cassie Dimmick, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

In 2007, I opened my own business, Achieving Your Best, LLC, where I specialize in helping people reach their health and wellness goals and excel at their sport. In 2017, I expanded to include a state of the art facility, amazing staff, and a great community of people.

I have over 15 years of experience helping people lose body fat, get healthy, and perform at their best. My education includes both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Nutrition, and I am a registered and licensed dietitian with a board certification in sports nutrition. A RRCA Running Coach certification and ACSM Exercise Physiologist round out my credentials.

As a busy mom, wife and business owner, I have learned how to make a healthy lifestyle work in the real world. I am thrilled to get to share my love for healthy eating, performance nutrition, exercising and enjoying life, which is truly a dream come true!

Cassie Dimmick, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

CEO & Founder
Matt Jones - AYB - Achieving Your Best, Springfield, MO

Matt Jones, Training Manager at AYB

Matt Jones is the Training Manager at AYB. He has degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Drury University, and is in pursuit of furthering his education in exercise via certification. Matt has four years of experience in a group and personal training environment.

Matt’s passion for fitness stems from his active lifestyle. Matt has participated in many different fitness related events- 100 mile cycling races, half and full marathons, sprint triathlons, and an Iron Man 70.3. Applied and practical movement is a great indicator of overall fitness ability, and his goal is to help people attain similar results.

Matt’s future goals in fitness include an Iron Man, an Ultra Marathon, and other endurance events. His primary goal is to balance strength ability with endurance ability throughout the training processes.

Matt Jones Training Manager at AYB

Jess Tull - Achieving Your Best


I grew up being active, doing everything from chores on the farm and horseback riding to soccer, volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee. All of those facets helped to establish a solid work ethic and the love for activity and health from a young age, which only continues to grow today.

I love to explore all varieties of movement and fitness, and over the years it's been anything from triathlons to obstacle races to power lifting, and currently CrossFit.

I've come to absolutely love heavy lifting and utilize it as the foundation of my own fitness, but there's also nothing I love more than a good, hard conditioning session to kick my butt in gear. I thrive off of physical challenges, conquering myself mentally and learning to control and own my mind and body a little more every day.

Fitness and wellness is my passion. my lifestyle, and my privilege, and an outlet for my drive and competitive nature. But more importantly, it's the gift I'm blessed to be able to pass along to everyone I have the joy of training.


Alex Smith - Achieving Your Best - Springfield, MO

Alex Smith, BS, CPT

I love life and I love helping people enjoy it! I grew up in the beautiful state of Hawaii, where I learned so much about how different cultures appreciate and enjoy life. I take great joy in bringing people together and creating awesome life experiences.

In 2003, I came to Missouri to attend Evangel University, where I learned many lessons on and off the football field. After graduating, I spent the next 8 years training athletes to be the best they can be. I also spent many hours helping hard-working everyday citizens reach fitness goals that they never knew where possible for them.

I have so much passion for helping people on their journey to a healthier life! Nothing is easy, but together I know we can make it happen. I am very excited to be a part of the great staff at AYB, where it will be an amazing community!

Alex Smith BS, CPT

Linda Moore - AYB - Achieving Your Best, Springfield, MO

Linda Moore, Stott Certified Pilates Instructor, TRX Certified Instructor

My life motto is to LIVE THIS ONE DAY WELL! I’m blessed to be a part of the AYB team and share in the fun and joy of total body wellness with you. I am a STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor and also a TRX Suspension Trainer Instructor. I’ve had some great life experiences including being a college swimmer, an elementary school teacher, a high school swim coach, and a fitness instructor.

My sweet family consists of my husband Mickey and our two daughters, Molly (16) and Maggie (13). Our family’s passions include sunrises and early mornings, outdoor shenanigans, sports of various kinds, supporting great causes, and a whole lot of Jesus. Wellness and fitness can be such positives in life and accomplishing big and little goals along this path make for great days. I look forward to being a part of this journey and sharing in your successes.

Linda Moore Stott Certified Pilates Instructor, TRX Certified Instructor

Michelle - AYB - Achieving Your Best, Springfield, MO

Michele Lucas, 200-RYT certified through the Yoga Alliance

Michele Lucas is a 200-RYT certified through the Yoga Alliance, and teaches a blend of hatha based yoga styles. She enjoys teaching other group fitness classes as well-mat pilates, strength and conditioning, Silver Sneakers for active older adults, barre core, and piyo fusion. Her goal in her classes is help students have fun and to challenge them, while helping them feel strong, capable and successful.
Michele loves to keep active...rock climbing, camping, kayaking, canoeing, painting, exercising, and more. She hopes to inspire other women her age and older to keep moving.

Michele Lucas 200-RYT certified through the Yoga Alliance

Carrie - AYB - Achieving Your Best, Springfield, MO

Carrie Coleman, Stott Certified Pilates Instructor

Carrie Coleman is a Springfield native who graduated from Missouri State in 2005 with a M.A. in Communication. She has spent more the 15 years in the Marketing and PR industry. Carrie began her pilates journey in 2008 following the birth of her son and a two + year battle with cancer that left her with heart damage, reduced lung capacity, weak muscles and a general sense of exhaustion.

She fell in love with the results she experienced within a few weeks of beginning the workouts and has been a fan ever since. After years of seeing the benefits pilates has brought to her own body, she became a STOTT Pilates certified instructor so she can help others maintain a lifetime of health, movement and balance. She is a lover of food, animals, books, the arts, beer, fitness, and the outdoors.

Carrie Coleman Stott Certified Pilates Instructor

Marisa Frazier - AYB - Achieving Your Best, Springfield, MO

Marisa Frazier, BS, NCSF CPT, ACSM CEP

My specialties include triathlon, swimming and running training. I have been a competitive swimmer and runner for 14 years and half-Ironman athlete. My other specialties include yoga, stretching, injury prevention, rock climbing, hiking, paddle boarding, and outdoor adventures. I hope to train people for outdoor activities and to lead outdoor adventure trips such as backpacking treks or outdoor paddle board yoga trips, etc.

I value the amazing benefits of mind and body wellness. Since I began placing my health first, both my outlook on life and my overall capabilities have continued to improve. I am able to do more than I ever thought possible, and I love every minute of it. I am just plain happy, and it is a result of finally making my health a priority. I desire to inspire–to lead others to discover the best version of themselves, one workout at a time.

Marisa Frazier BS, NCSF CPT, ACSM CEP

Jennifer Loyd, Tori Keltner, and Brenda Pearson, our office administrators

Jennifer Loyd, Tori Keltner, and Brenda Pearson Office Administrators

Amy Richter - AYB - Achieving Your Best, Springfield, MO

Amy Richter, MS, RD, LD

I am a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition diagnostics. I have been trained to evaluate nutrition research with a critical eye. Our world is full of fad diets, misleading news articles, and poorly done research that leads to a lot of confusion. I’m here to make nutrition simple and understandable for you!

My passion for nutrition stemmed a desire to work in healthcare. I have a genetic disease that led to frequent hospital visits as a child, and I was inspired by the incredible care I received from nurses, physical therapists, and doctors. Years later, I chose to pursue nursing as my major in college. When I took my first nutrition course as part of the nursing program, I realized the power a healthy diet can have in preventing chronic diseases.

I decided I would rather spend my career keeping people out of the hospital, so I switched my major to dietetics and haven’t regretted it since. In my free time, I enjoy trying new restaurants in Springfield, hiking with my husband, and working on my photography skills.

Amy Richter MS, RD, LD

Jill Trotman, MPH, RD, CDE, LD

Food is beautiful, colorful, and delicious! I love sharing ideas about how to plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks for busy people and families. I am looking forward to being part of Achieving Your Best. I completed my biology degree at Drake University and went on to earn my Master of Public Health (MPH) in nutrition at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am also a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE).

My main interest is nutrition and wellness. I started my career as an outpatient community dietitian at St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Missouri. I enjoyed working with diabetes patients, and I was thrilled to take my next position as the Pediatric Diabetes Dietitian at the University of Missouri. This gave me the unique opportunity to work closely with families to help them through the lifestyle changes that diabetes presents.

I went on to work in wellness and nutrition at Forsyth Medical Center in North Carolina. There I organized and taught diabetes classes and provided nutrition counseling for a variety of health issues. I also worked with a team to develop an employee wellness program. Throughout my career as a dietitian, I have enjoyed helping people optimize their nutrition for their particular health concerns.

Everyone has unique nutrition needs and preferences, and I enjoy personalizing plans and creating fresh ideas with food. I strive to live an active life and provide healthy meals for my family. Running with my big black lab, swimming, and gardening are a few of my favorite things to do. I love trying new recipes, and my family tests them for me.

One of my winning recipes is a delicious salsa with peppers and tomatoes straight from my garden. I look forward to creating nutrition ideas and sharing recipes with you!

Jill Trotman MPH, RD, CDE, LD


Sean W. Saunders is the owner of SWS Golf Academy and SWS Golf Performance in Springfield. He has been a PGA pro since 2009 when golf performance (TPI Model) started really becoming the norm on the PGA Tour. Sean understood the importance of staying up to date on the latest information so he decided to specialize in golf performance because he was tired of seeing too many of his past clients not reach their potential.

He knew it was not just their golf swing but their lack of skills and body compensations that were the source of their problems. Sean decided to take the next step and get ACE (American Council on Exercise) and TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level 3 Fitness Professional certification.

He currently is one of the only PGA professionals in the Country who has all of these advanced fitness certifications. Sean understands the body & swing connection and can provide the necessary tools to help golfers who are serious about reaching their potential, especially those who are reaching their golden years and feeling the effects of age on their golf swing and game.


Dakoda Reynolds, BS, CPT, CEP

Dakoda Reynolds, BS, CPT, CEP

About Dakoda: Age:23
Certifications: 4 year Bachelors in Exercise and Movement Science, ACSM certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist

Why am I here? I came to AYB because I am a firm believer that your active lifestyle should be effective, safe, and most importantly: fun. Exercise should not be a chore, and your brand of fitness should be an achievement that makes you feel happy. I’m here to provide and develop the exercise program that you want to come back to, and have a little fun along the way. I have experience across the board with weight loss, strength training, sport specific performance, youth, special needs, and geriatric program development.

Hobbies: Road and Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts,

Dakoda Reynolds BS, CPT, CEP

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